Avataram (Released only by Tamil Unit)

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Avataram (Released only by Tamil Unit)

Post by Jana3118 on Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:14 am

Agniputra's AVATARAM Album

Released only by Tamil Unit

2.Outrumei -Agniputra feat V6
3.You Know -Agniputra feat Baby Boo and 3 Flow
4.Love H.E.R -Agniputra feat Ash G
5.Second reply [Vikarum Appu]-Agniputra feat Ash G
6.Skit -Manasachi-
7.Pledge -Agniputra feat 3 Flow
8.Hold Me Now - Agniputra feat VixStarr & Jay'
9.Yenn ? -Agniputra
10.Skit -Love Hurts-
11.Devi -Agniputra feat AthiKaman
12.Vethanai -Agniputra feat Baby Boo
13.Tamil Krunk -Agniputra

OutroBonus Tracks :
*.Satriyan Sakty -Suara Sakty feat BiG Ben
*.Ajimukha -Agniputra feat Ash G and Phirizy

Links will be Coming Soon


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